Welcome To eCommerce Innovators

eCommerce Innovators was founded by Fran and Sol Jakubowicz, who together have over 45 years of professional marketing experience to draw on and share with their clients.  eCommerce Innovators is a full service search engine marketing firm providing internet marketing services  to companies and organizations, assisting them to leverage their online presence.  By combining their experience in the ‘traditional’ areas of pre-sales, sales, marketing, project management with the ever-mercurial areas of search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid search marketing,  optimized content creation, landing page optimization, competitive research and website usability,  eCommerce Innovators offers comprehensive web management.

Meet Our Team

Fran Jakubowicz
Fran JakubowiczCEO
Fran grew up in communications. Early in her career, she worked in her family’s public relations firm, DCI (Dworkin Communications Inc). Since that time Fran has been involved in an impressive array of projects, assisting companies and non-profit organizations to attain their goals.  In the days before the internet Fran practiced  traditional marketing and PR. With this background, it was only natural for Fran to evolve her skills, and to become a very successful online marketer. In a rare combination, Fran blends over 20 years of experience with her love and passion for the latest and hottest technologies. This unique worldview allows Fran to assist companies to achieve their goals.
Sol Jakubowicz
Sol JakubowiczCOO
Sol launched his career in the area of customer service model and process design. This background was instrumental in his success in the Telecom industry where he has been active since 1999 – with a focus on Business Consulting/Business Process Analysis for top, tier 1 telecommunication companies around the world. In his capacity as a senior consulting manager, Sol was involved in many projects including process analysis, requirement management, project management, and knowledge management. In his capacity as COO of eCommerce Innovators, Sol has uses his analytical skills to provide critical market research, effective planning and program execution, site usability analysis, requirement management, and critical advice on PPC campaigns for a wide variety of online markets.
Barry Buckman
Barry BuckmanSenior Project Manager
After working for several years in the fields of telecommunication & financial analysis, Barry believes he has found his calling with internet marketing. He has always enjoyed working with numbers – be it analyzing football statistics, researching how far you can see when flying at 35,000 feet (230 miles!), or creating a spreadsheet in which he categorized the 3000+ songs on his ipod by the decade in which they were released. (He was happy to confirm that the 80’s ranked dead last in total songs.)So when Barry discovered SEO & internet marketing – fields which are built around collecting, analyzing & improving upon metrics – he jumped right in. He specializes in SEO, landing page optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, social media marketing, and scouring the web for the latest & greatest marketing tools & methodologies.
Noam Shapiro
Noam ShapiroDigital Content Manager
If there is one thing Noam takes pride in, it is in his ability to craft the perfect sentence and to communicate effectively.  A passionate believer in the power of the written word, Noam uses these skills every day as he rides the waves of the ocean that is social media. The perfect balance between gentle, personal interaction and compelling, persuasive marketing is what guarantees success in online commerce, and it is this balance that Noam brings to the ecommerceinnovators team. Noam explains that his decade-plus of experience in education honed his marketing skills. After all, teachers are really just selling their ideas to their students; if they don’t do a good job, the students simply won’t buy it.
Gordon Sutker
Gordon SutkerProject Manager
Gordon Sutker brings a vibrant young energy to the field as a result of his dynamic background in music, hi-tech, and social media marketing and development across three continents. From consulting and instructing to sales and marketing, Gordon is quick to adapt new and creative marketing ideas within the framework of a well-coordinated team and vision. Over the past four years, he has put this to use for the military, a cutting-edge nightlife app, a brewery, and now manages multiple clients ranging from back pain treatment to cooking and travel help and advice. Gordon is never far from his passions and is an avid traveler, cook, and brewer.
Alissa Project Manager
Alissa has such a varied background of interests that her husband says the only thing that isn’t on her resume is “astronaut” (Alissa notes that “rocket scientist” is glaringly absent, as well). Years of marketing, copywriting, voiceover acting. film, tv and stage experience fuel the creativity needed for social media marketing. An avid blogger, in her free time, she can be found working on her home studio, busy with her volunteer job, traveling as much as possible and obsessing over the growing misuse of apostrophes (or apostrophe’s if you believe the internet over your grammar teacher).
Shoshi Shapiro
Shoshi ShapiroProject Manager
Shoshi brings her varied experience in communications, law and beyond to eCommerce Innovators. Born and educated in New York where she earned a Masters Degree, she brings her natural organizational skills and love of learning to life while focusing on internet marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media avenues. Shoshi manages the social media marketing needs of clients including mass marketing for online retailers. In addition to her social media marketing expertise,Shoshi also manages the office at eCommerce Innovators with responsibilities that include billing and payroll.
Deena Weinberg
Deena WeinbergContent Manager
Deena is an experienced editor, writer and Internet researcher who specializes in writing original content for SEO. Over the past several years she has written thousands of web content articles on every topic under the sun and clients especially appreciate her versatile, prolific and professional writing style. Deena also serves as chief editor for a U.S. publishing company. Before embarking on her online career, Deena earned a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Toronto. She continues to work in private practice as a therapist specializing in the fields of mental health and addiction. She loves the eclectic nature of her many  endeavors and is especially proud to be on the eCommerce Innovators team.
Dina Feldman
Dina FeldmanProgramming
Dina Feldman brings a strong record in  web programming to Ecommerce Innovators. Over the past 12 years, Dina has become expert in platforms such as wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Volusion, Shopify, Jshop and custom websites, upgrading them with latest online marketing tools.  Dina loves coding behind the scenes to make web pages come alive.  Good programming ensures easy, user friendly order and payment processing, essential to winning new customers, and keeping them.  Dina understands the dynamics of having an interactive website that needs to be functional all the time so that customers can click to their hearts content.